A very warm welcome to Meadowfield School. We are a special school for pupils who have profound, severe and complex needs including a vast range of medical and learning needs. We are a school for children aged 4-19 years old with a pupil population of nearly four hundred. All our pupils have an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP).

Pupil’s safety, well-being and engagement is central to everything that we do including the structure of our curriculum and the interventions that we use. We are ambitious for our pupils and offer a rich curriculum that is personalised through our five different pathways (Early Years Foundation Stage, Engage, Explore, Enquire and 6th form). We ensure that progress towards EHCP targets is embedded throughout the day and promote Preparation for Adulthood from the earliest stages so that when pupils leave us they are prepared for the next phase in their lives and have the best opportunities to be happy, fulfilled and contributing citizens.

As well as our main site setting we also have a satellite provision at Sunny Bank Primary School with sixteen places for Key Stage 2 pupils who are working within the Enquire pathway and able to effectively learn and develop within a mainstream setting whilst being supported by Meadowfield School, our staff are following our curriculum. Pupils receive the benefit of our SEN provision but are able to enjoy opportunities offered through our relationship with Sunny Bank Primary School.

We believe that good partnerships with parents and carers is very important thereby working closely with them to support their child/ren’s learning and well-being. Our Parent Engagement schedule sets out specific times across the year when parents and carers can join their child/ren’s class. In July 2023 we were awarded the Leading Parent Partnerships Award.

Our skilled and dedicated staff team work very hard to ensure learning is challenging, fun and engaging whilst ensuring that our pupils feel safe, valued and self-confident. We work effectively with our NHS colleagues, nurses, therapists and other professionals and external agencies to best support and meet the needs of our pupils.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school office via e-mail or telephone.

Angela Howe


Angela Howe - Principal 



Jill Palmer - Executive Principal

Click on the link below for virtual tours of the school and our Sixth Form, which is on a different site:

Meadowfield School Tour

Meadowfield Sixth Form Tour