I am proud to welcome you to our website and to our outstanding school.

Meadowfield School caters for children with profound, severe and complex needs and serves the community of Swale. We are a member of KSENT (Kent Special Educational Needs Trust) and we collaborate and share good practice between the 26 other member schools in Kent.

Our school culture is founded on inclusive, child-centred approaches together with our values of teamwork, honesty, kindness, respect and understanding. These values are lived through the way we support our children, their families and all of our colleagues.

Our pupils are on a life-long journey. Each pupil’s journey began before joining our school and will continue long after they leave. We recognize that we play a vital part in this journey. We aim to prepare our pupils for the life that lies ahead of them, and to equip them with the knowledge, skills, resilience and emotional development to navigate through life. We set high expectations for our pupils and encourage them to continue an ambitious approach into their adult lives, aiming high, and always striving to be the best version of themselves.

We recognize that as we come out of the COVID pandemic it is more important than ever that our school takes its place in the centre of our community and supports not just our pupils but also their families, our staff and the wider community. If the COVID pandemic taught us anything, it is that support and connectivity is vital to our collective and personal wellbeing.

We invite all our staff and stakeholders to share our vision for Meadowfield School, and to consider how everyone can take personal steps to achieve our collective goals.

We have developed 3 overarching mission statements which we are all collectively working to achieve in the coming years.

What can we each do to ensure:-

  • Meadowfield School is a centre of excellence, with a vibrant, supportive, and positive offer for all pupils and staff alike.
  • The students of Meadowfield receive an outstanding education that equips them to discover a life full of opportunity, prepares them for adult hood, instils within them the belief that they can realise their dreams and have a rewarding and fulfilling life.
  • Meadowfield is at the heart of our local community, supporting children, their families and the wider community.

I hope this brief introduction as well as our website gives you a sense of our school culture, our aims as well as providing you with some key information. If you would like further information or to visit our school in person, we would love to hear from you.


Dan Zaccheo - Principal



Jill Palmer - Executive Principal


Click on the link below for virtual tours of the school and our Sixth Form, which is on a different site:

Meadowfield School Tour

Meadowfield Sixth Form Tour