Key Information

Who are we?

We are a specialist college, set up to provide young adults with SEND with employability and independence skills.

Although we have been set up in collaboration with Meadowfield school, we are a completely separate institution with our own governance and financial structure.

Ascend will be led by a Board of Directors, who have been selected because of their specialist knowledge in the fields of further education, community engagement and business.

Our aim is to get our learners into employment and ensure that they are meeting their potential and leading fulfilled adult lives.

What will we do?

We will provide key employability and independence skills, ensuring that our learners are prepared for adulthood.

We will provide transitions planning and advice on career, housing and health issues.

We will endeavour to provide our learners with some form of employment when they leave us, enabling them to lead as fulfilled an adult life as possible.

We will offer a flexible 3-year programme of both accreditation and non-accredited learning, leading to employment or further education.

What makes us special?

We will deliver education and training through the running of a fully functioning catering business. This business will also benefit our local community, addressing issues such as food poverty.

We will also provide work experience tailored to our learners and any areas of interest that they may have.

We have an excellent understanding of providing outstanding outcomes for young people with SEND.

What will the business look like?

We will be operating as a not-for profit business, meaning that anything we earn will go back into developing and improving the business further. As well as this, we will run community based projects in collaboration with Southern Co-Ops, who have kindly agreed to support us with this over the next 3 years.

The learners will manage and run every aspect of both of these, developing key employability and independence skills. We will publish more information about our businesses and how you can support them, once they are up and running.

Social Media

Twitter - @collegeascend