Our Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Intended Impact

Curriculum Intent

Our overarching curriculum intent is for learners to gain the following during their time with us:

  • The confidence and skills to lead as independent a life as is possible and appropriate for them
  • The ability to make decisions about their lives and know where to seek support if needed
  • Key employability skills that will help them to obtain and keep employment, whether that is paid or voluntary

Research demonstrates that young people learn best when learning is connected, practical and linked to reality. At each stage of our curriculum our intent is to equip our learners with skills for life, employment and for further education if this is appropriate for them.

Curriculum Implementation

The curriculum at Ascend will all be delivered through the running of the business and community projects.

The content of the curriculum is all designed to develop employability skills and preparation for adulthood. Functional Skills English, maths and ICT are taught in context within the running of the businesses. High priority is placed on addressing mental health needs and on online safety.

Learners will complete accreditation if this is appropriate for them and will help them to achieve their future aspirations and ambitions. Non-accredited learning will also be used as a way of measuring progress towards outcomes relating to independence and ‘soft’ skills such as team work, communication, reliability and resilience.

Our curriculum offer

  • Functional Skills Maths, English and ICT will continue from 6th form achievements.
  • Where appropriate to individual learners, accreditation will be delivered from Entry level 3 in 2 key areas;
  • Employability- focusing on skills for the workplace, learned practically and taught discretely.
  • Occupational Studies for the Workplace- focuses on occupational areas and allows for study in an area of interest.


Preparation for Adulthood

Weekly tutorials will offer the opportunity to discuss key areas such as;

  • Housing
  • Careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG)
  • Health matters
  • Weekly RSE sessions will be taught.
  • Travel training will be offered at the level right for each learner.

WINWORD jsg1g8DuXbEmployability skills

These are some of the key skills that learners will build throughout their time at Ascend.

Although they will be working in the field of catering, the skills are transferable into any job.

WINWORD GOfN6tWsMsWorking at Ascend will provide experience in the following areas of employment.

Alongside working at Ascend, work experience placements and supported internships will be offered to learners.