Achievement & Progress

Our core purpose as a school is to ensure that every pupil is supported to develop into a confident, resilient and as independent a young adult as possible. To achieve this we are setting challenging and aspirational but realistic targets. Progress toward targets is monitored each term through close analysis of the progress data and detailed discussions in pupil progress reviews. Annual and end of Key Stage targets are set for every pupil. Comparison of progress of pupils in a range of vulnerable groups is closely tracked to ensure no group of pupils achieve less well than others. The pupil group sizes at Meadowfield School are small therefore, where we have identified that one group of pupils may be achieving slightly less well than another, these differences are not statistically significant, but close and careful monitoring of interventions continues to be implemented.

Assessment recording and reporting:

In 2014 the new National Curriculum was implemented and the existing National Curriculum levels were removed. In response, the 24 KSENT schools worked collaboratively to develop an assessment tool to be used across all KSENT schools. The SEN strands in Pupil Asset were implemented at Meadowfield School from January 2016. The KSENT data group meets regularly to review the frameworks and to ensure the underlying algorithm continues to be realistic by challenging for all schools.

The KSENT schools meet regularly to moderate between schools to ensure there is rigour to assessment judgements.

In October 2016 the Rochford Review final report was published. The KSENT schools have worked collaboratively to map our current assessment steps to the pre-key stage standards. The IMPACTS classes at Meadowfield School are implementing engagement targets based on the seven areas of engagement from September 2018 while awaiting the outcome of the current trial.

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Assessment Recording and Reporting
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