Assessment Recording and Reporting, Life After Levels

At Meadowfield School we use an assessment tool called Pupil Asset.

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About Pupil Asset

Pupil Asset was an established company with an assessment tool in place for mainstream schools.

The Kent special schools worked with Pupil Asset to develop a bespoke version for special schools. Curriculum Leaders from all the Kent special schools worked together to develop progression pathways from P4 through to National Curriculum end of year expectations.

At Meadowfield school we have created our own framework for pupils within IMPACTS classes which tracks very small steps of progress. We have also created frameworks to track progress to Functional Skills in English Maths and ICT, PSHE, Phonics and our IMPACTS curriculum.

To ensure that we continue to maintain high aspirations for our pupils in both target setting and progress expectations the Kent Special school developed an underlying algorithm against which targets are set and progress tracked.

How does it all work?

In Pupil Asset the progress tracking statements are broad, enabling teachers to be creative in how they approach teaching based on the needs and interests of the pupils in their classes. Teachers break down the statements into small steps to ensure learning builds on secure foundations.

Pupil Asset offers a more holistic method of tracking progress. The teacher makes their judgement on levelling based on skills developed but also taking into account wider learning, this may include a pupil being able to work with less support, or achieving an outcome more consistently or becoming more confident in their learning or being able to transfer a skill from one environment to another. This enables all progress to be celebrated it is not just able developing the next skill.

Progress in all subjects are being tracked using Pupil Asset and well as our own frameworks for IMPACTS, PSHE and Functional Skills.

Once a framework has been in place for at least an academic year the curriculum group that developed it will gather feedback and review the framework.


Pupil Asset targets and progress tracking are based on Pupil Asset points (PAPS ). The Data group used real data from pupils in our school to map expected progress from starting points in each key stage. To monitor that our expectations are realistic but aspirational and challenging each year data from the Kent special schools will be reviewed and if amendments are needed these will be implemented.

There is a significant difference in the expectations of the new National Curriculum, the new Year 1 end of year expectations are much higher than the old Level 1. In order to bridge the gap between P8 and the new curriculum, the Kent Special Schools have created P9.

Beginning, Beginning +

Developing, Developing +

Embedded, Embedded +

On progress reports, you will see P6 beg or P7 dev+. Beyond P9 Kent Special Schools are using the word Stage instead of Year for example Stage 1 emb or Stage 2 dev+.

Progress measures are colour coded:

colour coding


Some reports will add points to the colour spectrum.

100 = expected progress towards target

Points greater than 100 show the number of points above the expected target that the pupil has achieved, points below 100 show the number of points below expected.

How Meadowfield Tracks Pupil Progress

Pupil progress will continue to be carefully monitored with teachers updating Pupil Asset five times a year to ensure pupils are on track to targets. If a pupil is off track to target then an intervention can be quickly implemented to support their learning.

Targets will be generated in September and checked to ensure for each individual pupil these are realistic, challenging and in line with our high aspirations for every pupil.

If you have any questions please speak to your child's class teacher or contact Angela Howe, Deputy Principal.

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