Our Values, Mission & Vision

Our Core Values

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Community, Aspiration, Resilience, Equality (CARE)

At Ascend, everything we do will be underpinned by our core values.

Community will be at the heart of everything we do-we will address social issues such as food poverty, isolation and loneliness by using our catering business to support people in our local community. We will have high aspirations for our learners and will support them to achieve employment so that they can lead fulfilled adult lives. We will develop their resilience skills so that they are able to cope in an ever changing world. Finally, we feel strongly that they are entitled to equality of opportunity, regardless of their disability, and will work hard to make sure that this is the case.

Our mission

‘We are dedicated to identifying the aspirations and potential of our learners, and giving them the skills they need to make their dreams into realities. Through our work with our learners, we will reach out into our local community, providing support to those who need it the most.’

Our Vision

“Empowering learners to meet their potential and making a difference in our community.”