Welcome to Foxes Class

We have 10 wonderful, happy pupils, who really enjoy learning new things and being extremely creative through all of their work. Our age range for this class is from Year 4 to Year 6.

Our Class Team is:

Class Teacher - Miss Banks

Teaching Assistants:

In Foxes we are following the Explore Curriculum where we are learning through sensory and practical activities. These are always fun for the children and it helps them remember what they have learnt. We also follow a nurture program which means we socialize with our friends, take in turns sharing puzzles, sing songs, yoga, dough disco and lots of sensory activities to improve our fine motor skills This helps our well-being throughout our busy day.

All children are rewarded for all their efforts throughout the week with some choose time of a reward for their choice, on a Friday afternoon we have a fun activity to support all our skills we have learnt all week.

As you can see we have a bright colourful classroom to help with our learning and to make it a happy place to be.


Please read our Home Learning for more information on what we are learning and ways to support us.

During Term 3 we will be learning more about Dinosaurs these will link to our class stories. Throughout this term we will also be focusing on our emotions to continue with our well-being theme. We will be looking at other areas to support our individual needs and targets.

In Math’s we will be looking at division and time. During our English we will be focusing on comprehension in our English stories and reading as part of our guided reading section. We will focus on our Phonics and sounds to support our reading and not forgetting all the creativity for our art to show our talented crafts to make the story come to life with the theme of ours dinosaurs. This term we will be taking part in our PE lessons which will look at winter sports. During our science we will be looking at experiments to see how things work which will include animals and their habitats also inking these to humans. PSHE will be a cross curricular activity and some extra support throughout the term when required, we are also looking at emotions and jobs and society and looking at these within the community. Again, these all link to all our cross curricular activities.

Things to remember:

  • Pop Dance is now available and will be taking place in Foxes Class on a Thursday afternoon for this term.
  • Reading Diaries will go home every Friday please make a note in the book if you shared at home. Also make notes to the class teacher to inform them of any changes, but in other circumstances if we need to let a parent know what has been happing at school this may go home every day in their communication books Foxes class has created.
  • Please read at home at present time with the children to encourage their reading. Let us know what they have read because this will be interesting to see what they like.
  • PE lessons are on a Tuesday. This is taking place outside or in the small PE block. (Please let the children wear there PE kits to school or send these in a named shoestring bag for us to keep in school).
  • Music is on a Wednesday we are learning to use musical instruments to make rhythm to songs that we know and links to dinosaurs.
  • Monday 6th February 2023 is our Open Afternoon for you to come and take part in different activities linked to our theme dinosaurs. Be prepared we will be using clay. So messy play is going to take shape.
  • Friday’s will continue to be non-uniform days for the foreseeable future.

A fun packed Term 3 for Foxes Class to enjoy!