Hello and welcome to Snowdrops’ Class page

We are a mixed class of years 1 and 2.

Our Class teacher is Tracey

The other adults to help us in our class are;
Joanne - Teaching assistant
Lisa – Teaching assistant

In Snowdrops class we earn tokens for good listening and being kind to our friends. Snowdrops are an enthusiastic, curious class who love learning new things in practical ways. Learning is supported with role play, small world play and visual supports. In term 1, our themes will be ‘Me and my Family’ and ‘Healthy Living’. We will use our theme to explore different concepts in Maths, English, Science, PSHE and Art and Design.

In English we will be reading ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’. We will be making predictions, sequencing and learning new vocabulary. We will answer basic questions about the story and join in with group discussions. We will also continue to develop our writing skills by practicing using the correct letter formation and pencil grip. We will continue to work on our fine motor skills by taking part in a variety of fine motor activities including, threading and dough disco. We will work on communication skills, reflecting on and discussing our week at school and writing about it.

We continue to focus on phonics and reading, which will be through multisensory learning. The children will work on their own individual phonics packs, as well as whole class teaching. We will be promoting reading right across the curriculum, which will include symbols, pictures and words. We will share stories daily in our reading area.

In Maths, we will explore number and patterns. We will count families and healthy food and will start to work on addition. We will engage with a range of fun practical activities that encourage 1-1 correspondence and numeral identification. We will explore repeating patterns in lessons and in our environment.

This is our reading area.

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This is our choosing area.

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We will be learning about ourselves and our similarities and differences with animals. We will explore what we need to live and grow, as well as the human life cycle. We will practice our sorting, gathering and experimenting skills.

PSHE this term will focus on healthy living. We will be discussing healthy and unhealthy foods and we will taste food and follow instructions to make different dishes that are healthy. We will explore what our body can do to stay healthy and how being healthy can make us feel.

In Art and Design we will focus portraits and printing. We will use our theme to create different pieces of artwork. We will look at different famous artists’ work and discuss what we think about it. We will provide a nurturing and social environment where we will encourage positive social interactions through adults modelling, feelings visuals and opportunities to talk together. We will share breakfast, snack and lunch time together socially and children will be encouraged to take part in all aspects to develop their independence and responsibility as well as their communication. Children will have special jobs throughout the day to encourage them to help and be independent.

Play is particularly important to us, as it builds the foundation skills of learning and social development. There will be opportunities to develop their imaginative skills, as a structured play session and also in free time, supported and modelled by an adult.

Things to remember:

  • Diaries will be sent home daily, EHCP targets will be filled in fortnightly.
  • Please send in PE kits including shorts/joggers, t-shirt and appropriate footwear. PE is on a Friday. Please send your child in their PE kit if you can as PE is first thing in the morning.
  • Please label all items of clothing, bags, lunch boxes and drink bottles.
  • If your child has a pair of wellington boots to bring in for days when it is wet or muddy on the playground please send them in.
  • Please send in a sun hat if it is hot.
  • Please don’t bring any toys into school.
  • Please put a spare pair of clothes in your child’s bag in case they have an accident or get wet with water play (aprons will be worn but some children are still very enthusiastic with water play).