Welcome to Hedgehogs class

Teacher - Sam
TAs - Emily and Daniel

We are 9 pupils ranging from year 3 to year 6, who are always enthusiastic and happy, we follow the extended impacts curriculum, which helps us learn through fun and engaging activities.

In Hedgehogs class we follow the Nurture ethos of home from home, in the morning we have breakfast around the dining table, where we are encouraged to talk about our weekend or evening. Then in the afternoon we have snack and would therefore ask that you could please provide a daily snack. Snack time is again a social event, where each member of Hedgehogs has a task such as laying the table or washing up, this is to promote independence and confidence. Each morning and afternoon we say hello to everyone and give the adults either a handshake, high five or hug depending on what we have requested and say how we are feeling today (Photo below: inside out feeling chart).

We enjoy attention autism sessions where we watch some exciting things taking place for example magic milk tricks, painting and our favourite shaving foam worms. (Photo below: Sam and Emily making a splat and roll picture with paint and different types of sensory balls). We also enjoy participating in yoga and gong therapy, which helps us regulate and calm ready for learning. We are rewarded each day with choosing, images, extra time outside, when we receive our five superhero points for the hard work we have done throughout the day.

Things to Remember

  • On Tuesday we are off to Forest School where we have fun with our day of outside learning.
  • On Wednesday we have Music where we enjoy visiting the Music Room.
  • PE is every Friday morning where we participate in a range of fun games and activities.
  • EHCP diaries and contact books are now one book which will come home on a Friday and need to be returned on the Monday
  • Seesaw activities will be set every week to run alongside activities and topics we are doing in the classroom

Term 3 - Fables and Folk stories
Term 4 - Pirates

Hedgehogs 1Hedgehogs 2

Hedgehogs Timetable Term 3 - Jan 2022