Music Department

Subject-led Department

Previous School productions at Meadowfield:

Dec 2009 - The Wizard of Oz

Dec 2010 - Peter Pan

Dec 2011 - Robin Hood

Dec 2012 - Scrooge

Dec 2013 - Robby Nudd

July 2015 - Musical Maurice and the History Hop

Dec 2015 - The Music of Christmas

All students in the Subject-led Department take part in the productions.  The main parts are taken by students in Key Stage 4.

"It's hard work but it's worth it!" - Charlie

Music / Drama events & trips 2015-16

1/10/15 - PMLD students to see Oily Cart's 'Light Show' at the Gulbenkian Theatre, Canterbury

2/10/15 - ASD students to see Oily Cart's 'Light Show' at the Gulbenkian Theatre, Canterbury

19/10/15 - KS1 music assembly

9/11/15 - KS4 students perform Macbeth as part of the Shakespeare for Schools festival at the Gulbenkian Theatre

9/12/15 - 'The Meaning of Christmas' - all Primary pupils take part in the Nativity written by staff

15/12/15 - 'The Music of Christmas'

5/1/16 - 'Aladdin' - 5 Secondary classes go to the Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury to watch the pantomime

9/2/16-10/2/16 - KS1 pupils attend the Oily Cart production at the Gulbenkian Theatre, Canterbury

15/2/16 - Whole school singing assembly

29/2/16 - KS1 music assembly

9/3/16 - Swale Network Concert.  Year 8 students sing and play at the concert with 12 other local schools

14/3/16 - Whole school singing assembly

15/3/16 - Secondary celebration of music.  St Nicholas, Ifield and Milestone Academy came to Meadowfield for a day of music on the theme of 'The Americas.'

19/4/16 - Primary celebration of music.  St Nicholas, Ifield, Rowhill and Dane Court schoolscame to Meadowfield for a day of music on the theme of 'Space.'

25/4/16 - Summer Concert - Students who attend peripatetic lessons perform for parents & carers.

26/4/16 - Mid-Kent College - a class of Year 9 pupils visited the college to record a rap they had written, in the studio.

16/5/16 - KS1 Music Assembly

20/5/16 - Students from throughout the school visited Goldwyn's School in Ashford to record the KSENT song, singing the chorus and rapping the verse they have written.

23/5/16 - Whole school singing assembly

4/7/16 - Swale Network Concert

8/7/16 - Students attend the Kent County Show for the launch of KSENT. They will be performing the joint schools song.

13 & 14/7/16 - Secondary Production

19/7/16 - Meadowbury 80's Music Festival.

Music events and trips September 2016 -July 2017

Between September 2016 and December 2016 primary classes took part in the National Nutcracker Project with Covent Garden Ballet. All classes created their own dances and chose or created their own music. Kestrels class dance was recorded and commended by professional dancers.  The pupils also attended a joint performance at Oasis Academy on the 24th November and a screening of "the Nutcracker" ballet at the Odeon cinema.

17/10/16 - Harvest.

19/10/16 - "Breaking the Bubble"  - A group of pupils attended a workshop and gave a performance in London for the SEND Music Conference.

07/11/16 - Secondary and 6th form pupils perform Romeo & Juliet at the Gulbenkin Theatre as part of Shakespeare for Schools.

14 &15/12/16 - Primary Nativity Performances.

20/12/16 - Secondary Christmas Carol Carol Concert which all pupils perform in.

04/01/17 - Sixty members of Secondary dept attend the Pantomime at the Marlowe Theatre.

06/01/17 - Sign to Sing Assembly.

08 & 09/02/17 - Oily Cart "In A Pickle" show - 3 primary classes attend.

21/02/17 - Drake Class attended a music Day at Beacon School, Folkestone.

During March, classes visited the Manston Spitfire and Hurricane Museum.

14/03/17 - Secondary Celebration of Music "Around the World" - Beacon School, Rowhill School and Ifield School attend.

22/03/17 - Sing Up Day - Singing assembly

27/03/17 - Primary Celebration Of Music "Food & Farming" - Beacon School, Danecourt School and Ifield School attend.

22/05/17 - Annual Music Concert for Parents/Carers

08/05/17 - "Bach to the Future" Music assembly presented by Kent Music Musicians.

We have a week in June where parents can visit the music lessons.

15/06/17 - Celebrate BBC 10 pieces

21/06/17 - Owls class visited Beacon School to take part in music activities.

29/06/17 - KS2 pupils go to Fulston Manor for "Around the World" performance.

18/07/17 - Secondary Summer Show- "Songs from the Musicals"

We also had Music Medals awarded to some of our students by The Associated Board for the Royal School of Music.  Two pupils were awarded the Bronze Medal, three pupils passed with excellence.