Oh no he isn't. Oh yes he is!

Secondary students go to the Marlowe to see Peter Pan

A Picasso class review:

We were all very excited about going to the Pantomime.  We looked at some images and short videos leading up to the trip. This helped us to become familiar with what to expect and also have an idea of what the Theatre looked like inside. 

We had our lunch on the bus because we had to leave a bit earlier due to there being an accident on the A2.  Staff had brought some sweets for us to have on the bus.

When we got to The Marlowe Theatre there were lots of other schools and people there.

Ms Farrington handed out the tickets to the classes and we waited in a queue to go into the auditorium.  It was so exciting!

We showed our tickets to the usher and she pointed out where our seats were.

When the Pantomime was ready to begin the lights started to dim, Jean and Carla bought us all popcorn and shared out sweets during the performance. The main characters came onto stage to introduce themselves and say if they were a goodie or baddie.  We cheered the goodies and booed the baddies.

During the interval Nathan went and collected our ice-cream order.

Everyone joined in with the singing, cheering, booing, clapping, some of us stood up and had a little dance too.

We loved The Ghost Gag Bench skit.  We had to shout out when we saw the ghost and where it went.  


Ashley – ‘My favourite bit was when they said, “It’s the law!”, I thought it was funny!

Matthew – ‘I liked Peter Pan when he was flying through the air’.

Sid – ‘I liked everything, it made me laugh’.

Yasir – ‘I enjoyed the singing’.

Alfie – ‘Peter Pan was good, I want to go next year.’

Ellyana was clapping, singing and dancing throughout.

Kirsty was really excited by the singing and music.



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