Rock @ School Lessons

Rock @ School Lessons 

What is it?

Rock @ School is an exciting new approach to learning an instrument from Make Time for Music. It gives your child the chance to learn in a ‘Rock Band’ setting rather than in traditional lessons or an orchestra. These lessons are open to all students from year 2 and upwards, whether they have had instrumental lessons before or not.

How do the lessons work?

After signing up students are assigned their ‘band’ which will consist of 2 – 6 students. The typical line up of the band would be; guitars, drum kit, keyboards and (sometimes!) vocals. We do our best to honour the wishes of students regarding which instrument they would like to play but may have to assign instruments to certain students in some circumstances.

How is Rock @ School different to traditional music lessons?

In Rock @ School the emphasis is on playing together as a group and on learning songs the students enjoy, rather than learning traditional music theory and notation. Students will learn more by demonstration and by ear, rather than learning to read music. They will still begin to develop many of the fundamental skills needed to be a musician.

Please contact the school for more information.

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