Welcome to Discovery Class!

Discovery class is a close team led by Gemma.
Supported by teaching assistants: Lucy, Theresa, and Anar.

All staff are very experienced in the care and support needed for pupils with complex needs.

Our learning is linked to the IMPACTS curriculum that we follow as a PMLD and ASD needs class.

In Discovery Class we follow the IMPACTS curriculum:


All Discovery pupils follow an individualised programme, that meets their needs and learning through targets set in: Communication, Cognitive Skills, Physical Skills (Gross and Fine Motor), Technology, PSE (personal, social and Emotional well-being) and Engagement. Thus enabling learning to be taking place throughout the school day.

Communication is done through signing, PEC’s, symbols, E-tran, Gridplayer as well as visual/auditory prompts and gestures are used as part of our daily routine.

All pupils have a physio programme and some will have specialist equipment to help with their physical well-being.

We do special yoga/chair yoga, sensory story massage, TapPac, sensory, during our well-being times.

In Technology we use the class touch screen, Eye Gaze, IPads, switches, clicker7, laptop.

Every Morning we have a good morning circle time, where pupils select their own name/photo, we have a scent for each day, this helps us to recognise the day, we use symbols to identify the day, date, month and weather. We use a parachute to count out the date.

During target time (and other times when appropriate), we create a quiet, calm learning environment so our pupils, who have a range of sensory impairments, can work in an environment with minimal distractions. Pupils in this class take extra time to filter and interpret the information they receive through their senses and life skills; this is always respected.

Term 1 - Topic is All About me
Term 2 - Topic is Relationships
Term 3 and 4 - Independence
Term 5 - World of Wonder
Term 6 - Animals

Here are some photos of our classroom.