Welcome to Sapphire class!

Our teaching team consists of:

Jess (whilst Gemma is on maternity leave) and we are very lucky to still have Debbie, Lucy, Julie, and Heidi working with us!

In Sapphire Class we follow the IMPACTS curriculum:


Sapphire class has 7 KS2 and KS3 pupils, each with a range of complex needs. This class follows a specialised curriculum focusing on six key skill areas. These are: Communication, Cognitive Skills, Physical Skills (Gross and Fine Motor), Environmental Control Technology, Social and Emotional Well Being and Engagement, to ensure that all pupils needs are met. These six key skill areas are broken down into smaller, smarter objectives and targets which the pupils focus on. In IMPACTS, we value and recognise the importance of ‘learning via ongoing routes’; that is to say that learning continuously happens throughout the day, such as during personal care times and feeding regimes, not just during ‘lesson time’.


In Sapphire class, we offer a total communication approach to learning. This means that signing, symbols, on-body signing, visual/auditory prompts such as objects and songs of reference and gestures will be used as part of our daily routine. As a team, we recognise there is a time to be loud(er) and a time to be quiet(er).

During target time (and other times when appropriate), we create a quiet, calm learning environment so our pupils, who have a range of sensory impairments, can work in an environment with minimal distractions. Pupils in this class take extra time to filter and interpret the information they receive through their senses and life skills; this is always respected.