Welcome to Parks Class!

We are 12 children, between years 7 and 9, and our teacher is Chrissie. The other adults in our classroom are Katie, Chris, and Debbie.

Parks is part of Enquire, based in Purple Corridor, and named after Rosa Parks.

All of our Enquire classes are named after people who are famous; either, for their amazing minds and neuro-diversity or, because they stood up for what was right, and helped Society.

Rosa Parks was called 'The Mother of Civil Rights'.

(Fun Fact: There was a Dr Who episode made about her!)

We learned about Rosa, last year, and you can find out more about her by listening to this song, which is a class favourite:

Horrible Histories Rosa Parks Song 

Cross-Curricular Learning:
We follow an adapted National Curriculum which suits our abilities and interests, and allows us all to play to our strengths. Our cross-curricular approach, linking our learning to a Theme which connects all of our subjects, gives us plenty of opportunities for over-learning and applying our skills in different contexts, helping us to consolidate and generalise new skills.

Encouraging Creativity:
As a creative class, we love a hands-on approach to learning, with lots of opportunities to plan, design, make and build.

Fostering Independence:
Independence is fostered through visuals and checklists. We use Colourful Semantics for all our visuals, to help us with Speech & Language, and Sentence Building, and have our own mini-timetables as well as our class timetable, which we change each day. This way, we can keep track of our own schedules and organise ourselves and our equipment, with less reliance on adults to remind us. We are also learning important self-care and Life Skills, so we can be strong, independent members of our community.

Our school values are important to us, and we proudly display these in our classroom, along with our photos, which we move to the value we are showing at certain times during the school day.

Kind and Understanding:
Parks have become very good at showing kindness, Teamwork and Understanding, through our work on emotions and feelings, and sharing stories such as The Red Beast, and Super Shamlal. These help us think about other people's feelings and motivators, and can also help us to understand ourselves better.

Welcoming and Inclusive:
We have an open-door policy, and welcome all visitors, as well as visiting other classes in the school whenever we can. Our Reading Ambassadors regularly visit Sapphires and Diamonds Classes, in Engage, and we are also planning to invite members of Discovery to integrate with us, so they can share some of our learning.

We have emotional check-ins throughout the day and, importantly, share time together during our Morning Meeting in Nurture Time or, on Fridays, our Morning 'Eating', when we share a special Friday breakfast. (We often have extra visitors on Friday mornings, but are fairly certain that this is a coincidence and not just because we share our croissants and brioche...)

After lunch, we also have candle time, where we can relax and reset for the afternoon, after the hustle and bustle of lunch and play time.

We have a reward system for being brilliant during the day; stickers are awarded and when we reach 15 we can choose from the Box of Prizes. Chrissie actually gets through so many stickers, these days, that she is considering buying shares in the company!

Additionally, when Parks pupils put their class first and work together to accomplish something, we put marbles in a jar. This is for things which benefit the class as a whole, and we can choose a class reward when the jar is full. So far, we have earned a pyjama day and a movie and popcorn, with another reward to be confirmed and a few marbles in the jar towards our fourth class treat!


  • We have PE on Thursday mornings and can wear our PE kit to school that day.
  • Fridays are our dress-down days, so don't forget to wear your own clothes!

Any other information will be shared in the Purple Planner - and we also use these to track progress against our targets. We would be really grateful if you could send these in, daily, so we can share information about your child's day, as well as any school letters or notifications which need to be shared. You don't need to write back to us, but if you could check them each afternoon, and simply tick or initial to show you've seen them, this really helps us keep track of home/school communication.