Hello and Welcome to Spielberg!

We are a class of Year 7 pupils and there are 11 of us.

Sam is our teacher.
Emily and Jack help us with our learning.

We are part of the Enquire department. We follow a more formalised curriculum. This means we apply any practical, hands on learning to worded problems. Our timetable is as follows:

All of us, have our own, individual timetable that we follow and change to show us when activities have finished and when new activities are starting.

In Spielberg we learn through a combination of teacher directed, 1:1 working, group activities and self- initiated and pupil led activities. We like to complete hands on tasks and then apply skills learnt across the curriculum. In order for all the children to reach their full potential we continue to use a multi-sensory approach to teaching and learning.

Every morning, we get together as a class and spend time welcoming each other and identifying how we are feeling that day and looking at why we feel that way. We also all eat breakfast together and enjoy conversations with our friends.

Spielberg pupils are praised and rewarded with tokens that link to our school values; Teamwork, Honesty, Kindness, Respect and Understanding. The child that has the most tokens at the end of the day becomes Spielberg Star of the Day.

We also all have our own working for activity that we work towards ready for reward time.


  • Please wear PE kits to school on Mondays.
  • Learning Journals to be sent to school every day so we can update target progress in there. These will be updated across a two-week period.
  • Fridays are dress down, wear your own clothes!