Welcome to Hedgehogs class

Class teacher: Amanda
TAs: Cassie, Chloe, Hayley and Jamie

We are 8 pupils ranging from Year 6 to year 8, who are always happy and enthusiastic. We learn through the Explore curriculum which allows us to experience learning through fun and engaging activities.
In the mornings. we have breakfast time together which is followed by handwriting practise and Clever Fingers.

After play and in the afternoon, we have snack time where we eat together and we therefore ask that you please provide a daily snack. We enjoy a vibrant and engaging classroom which includes a calming corner and a large outdoor area which we use to extend our learning.

Things to remember

  • Our PE is on a Monday where we play games and take part in fun activities.
  • We have music on a Wednesday.
  • Contact books are an important way for us to establish and build strong school – home links. On a Friday, where will be information explaining what we have covered in class that week.
  • Seesaw activities allow for learning to continue at home.

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