Hello and welcome to Bluebells Class.

In Bluebells there are 9 year 1 & 2 pupils and 4 adults.

Our Class Team are:
Teacher: Kate

TA’s: Jade G, Lizzie, Jade W and we have Paige who helps us at lunchtime.

In class we learn through a range of practical, sensory and fun activities. These activities are designed to engage and motivate the children which helps them to remember what they have learnt. The children will have access to 1:1 focused learning to develop, build upon and secure their learning.

We also follow a nurture program which helps us to socialize with our friends, take turns, share resources and singing songs. This helps our well-being throughout the day.

Our daily activities include, Phonics, English, Maths, Science, Creative art, Sensory Circuits, Write Dance, Clever fingers, dough disco and Attention Autism.

Things to remember:

  • EHCP diaries will be sent home each Friday for you to see how your child has been progressing with their targets. Please ensure they are returned each Monday so that we can keep track of our targets in school.


We celebrate achievement consistently throughout the day by awarding tokens linked to our Values Based Education approach that celebrates our school values. We also award ‘Star of the Day’ to the pupil who has received the most rewards that day.

Please see our Home Learning page for ideas on how to support your child on their learning journey.

Home Learning Term 6