Welcome to Butterflies Class.

There are 9 pupils and our team consists of:

Teacher: Lorraine
Teaching Assistants: Vikki, Hannah, Christine
Gemma - Midday meal supervisor

In our class, we follow a nurturing approach to the National Curriculum. We will be following an Extended IMPACTS curriculum that is tailored to suit the needs of each individual in the class. Each day we will also have a series of sensory circuit activities to help our pupils integrate and engage in their learning.

Our topics for the year are:

Term 1: The world around me- Me and my family
Term 2: The world around me- Festivals and celebrations
Term 3: The imaginary world- Pirates
Term 4: The imaginary world- Fairy Tales
Term 5: The natural world- Seasons
Term 6: The natural world- Seaside

We provide pupils with a purposeful, fun and engaging learning environment where we encourage pupils to develop their independence and collaborative skills. Butterflies class uses total communication where we combine speech, symbols and signing. Pupils have opportunities to work independently and in groups through differentiated learning activities.


Home Learning Term 6