Hello and welcome to Kingfishers’ Class page, we are a mixed class of years 1 and 2.

Our Class teacher is Tracey

The other adults to help us in our class are;

Hannah - Teaching assistant

Jaime – Teaching assistant

Pauline– Teaching assistant

In Kingfishers’ class, we try to remember to be kind to our friends by having kind hands. Kingfishers are a tactile class who love exploring and experimenting. We learn through planned play, engaging sensory exploration and targeted interventions.

We use symbols and Makaton signs to support our understanding.



In term 5, our overarching theme is ‘The Natural World’ where we will be focusing on ‘Animals and minibeasts’ as our main area of learning. We will reading ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ in English. We will use our senses to bring the story to life and we will recall aspects of the story by focusing on objects and characters from the story. We will act out the story using puppets plenty of opportunities to use role play and small world play to develop our understanding. Our sensory exploration will develop our use of language, writing and phonics. In maths we will use animals and minibeasts to help us count and examine contrasting quantities.

We share books in our reading corner.

Kingfishers Reading Corner

We will still be focusing on developing the skills of active listening and attention to support learning. Our learning will include the use of Makaton, alongside spoken word and symbol support.

We will provide a nurturing environment, where social interaction and skills are promoted, through adults modelling, circle time, feelings visuals and opportunities to be together completing joint activities as well as turn taking games.

Things to remember:

  • Each Friday EHCP diaries only will be sent home, please return them on Monday.
  • Please don’t bring any toys into school.
  • Please send plenty of spare underwear and trousers if your child is being toilet trained.
  • PE will be on Thursday so please send in PE kits.
Home Learning Term 5