Hello and welcome to Ladybirds’ Class page, we are a mixed class of years 2, 3 and 4.

Our Class teacher is Sue

The other adults to help us in our class are;

Jenny - Teaching assistant
Dayana – Teaching assistant
Paige - Teaching assistant
Jade - Mid-day meal supervisor

In term 6 our topic theme is ‘Seaside’ which we will cover across the curriculum.

We will be learning new topic vocabulary, supported by pictures and Makaton sign language. We will regularly be going through topic words and answer questions in topic discussion. To start our topic, we will be pretending to go on an aeroplane using role play and encouraging children to write airline tickets, holiday lists etc. I’m sure we will have some super Ladybirds’ captains, to pilot the plane! For some children we will be encouraging more independency in writing, using their phonic skills, as well as adding punctuation.

Speaking and listening plays a vital role in developing communication skills and this will be through discussion, play and role play. We aim to develop our role play into a seaside café and shop and outside to be for seaside water play, encouraging children to respond to adults and each other.


Maths will have a focus on money, with the role play area set up to embed learning, through working out how much something is and giving change. Some children will be learning time and some children will be recapping on weight. We will still be recapping on number throughout and be playing interactive number games.

Science will have a focus on ‘our bodies’ this term. We will be learning about what our bodies require to keep us safe and healthy. We will also be looking at forces in science, which will lead nicely into our story ‘Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch,’ with the zip line! In PSHE, we will also be looking at keeping safe on the beach and in the sun.

We are starting our communication groups again this term, where the children have opportunities to go into another class and participate in activities to develop communication skills appropriate to their level of ability and confidence.

Nurture time is throughout the day and this is particularly beneficial for children coming into class in the morning. We foster and encourage social interaction and the children sit together socially for breakfast, lunch and snack time. Adults also model social skills.

Things to remember:

  • Diaries will be written in and given out each day, please send them back in the morning.
  • EHCP target diaries will be written in fortnightly and given out at the end of the week.
  • PE is on Thursday and if possible please remember a PE kit. We do have spare if you forget.
  • If you send in spare clothes, please make sure it is labelled and in particular jumpers, which the children will often take off and can’t remember where they are!