Activity Ideas

Activity Ideas

Reading a story.  Reading together.
Lego, Knex, bricks
Sand pit Water play-plastic trays, containers, washing up bowls Finger painting
Make dens using sheets and blankets
Watch films together Pasta shape painting and collage ‘Paint’ in the garden with water Measure things with a rule or tape or hands or feet Play board games Puzzles
Play shops Play cafes Make a house with a cardboard box Make obstacle course  Trampoline Make puppets out of socks 
Scrapbooks Make collages out of old magazines Look at photos of animals, places etc Look after pet and do a project about it Simple cooking, sandwich making. Baking
Make your own play dough-salt dough Make musical instruments with containers and rice etc Make a show Dance to music Do a workout Play card games
Make up a quiz and send it to friends by email Treasure hunt- e.g. in the house and garden find 10 items to go in a matchbox. Word games - I spy, 20 questions, alphabet memory games I-pad games/ tablet games Make your own board game Do origami and send photos to friends 
Colouring Birdwatch in the garden and learn to identify birds Take photos of nature Write a diary Make a recipe book Do a chore in the house
Child led project about an interest Audible books/ story tapes Learn to draw
Make cartoons
Research a country Make a quiz for the family online. Older children deliver a lesson to younger children- could do online.
Learn some key words in another language e.g. Duolingo website Practice a musical instrument-use YouTube to learn. Find a virtual tour of a museum or zoo Google virtual tours Webcams of volcanoes etc Have fun doing hairstyles
Create outfits and do a fashion show Take photos of things close up - challenge people to guess Junk modelling Papier Mache Ready steady cook challenge- What can be made? Press flowers collect leaves.
Make pretend potions in the garden. Science experiments- float or sink in the washing up bowl or bath. Make decorations like paper chains, pom poms, paper bunting. Sewing activities. Learn to knit or crochet.  Write stories or make a comic book Make a joke book
Paint on pebbles Karaoke. Find lyrics on google Chalk drawing on the patio/doorstep. Make a video to share with the family Grow cress seeds or grow an apple pip etc Sketch in the garden or items in the house.
Create a playlist Listen to podcasts Relaxation exercises Learn a new word a day Watch a nature programme Make up a ‘Strictly’ routine
Design a dream island/theme park on plain paper Make shadow puppets using hands and a lamp on the wall Paper plate crafts- make faces, decorate Make jewellery from pasta shapes or rolled newspaper tubes Doodle/ scribble and make pictures from the doodle Make paper planes and see who’s can fly the furthest
Indoor games – e.g. bowling alley out of plastic bottles, indoor cricket with a wooden spoon.  Tea party for toys Hide and seek/ Simon says Make a picnic and have it indoors or in the garden Create a time capsule with messages, pictures etc Write letters or cards
Fact learning challenges- counties of the UK, capital cities, Kings and Queens Make your own word searches Learn magic tricks Learn the alphabet in sign language Play charades with movie/book/TV titles. Play Pictionary on scrap paper


If children (or adults) are feeling stressed or anxious physical and sensory activities or simply getting outside can help get rid of some of the hormones in your body that cause these feelings. Try some of these ideas.

Ideas for physical activities indoors

Indoor obstacle course – use cushions, tables, chairs etc Star jumps Push ups, sit ups – who can do most?
Balloon football Balloon keepy uppy Bubble popping
Walk like an animal – slither like a snake, hop like a frog etc Simon says Follow my leader
Balance beam – lay a piece of string/wool along the floor can you walk and balance along it Musical bumps Musical statues
Paper aeroplane races Target practice – use a bean bag/small soft toy to throw into laundry basket, waste paper bin etc Pillow walk – lay pillows/cushions on the floor as stepping stones to walk on
Up and over – adult to make a bridge with their body for children to crawl over and then lay down children to climb over Commando crawl under a duvet on the floor Yoga
Action songs party Teddy blanket toss – each hold the ends of a blanket/sheet/towel and place a small teddy on top. See how high you can make the teddy go and see if you can catch him Hide and seek
Up and down game – child holds an object when the adult says something that is found high up they hold the object high. For something found low they hold it down to the ground Hopscotch made with tape or wool Stair step ups. How many can you do?


Ideas for activities in the garden or outdoors

Make and fly a kite Puddle jumping Kicking and catching games with balls
Jump the waves – toe a length of rope to something, jiggle it to make waves for children to jump over Helicopter – adult to spin round holding a rope at floor level for children to jump over Treasure hunt walk – create a list of things for children to see on the walk
Long jump Colour run – colour 4 different areas, with chalk or a coloured item. Call out a colour and children have to run to that area Limbo – balance the handle of a mop/brush between two chairs and limbo under
Hopscotch Ladders – draw ladders on the floor and children to jump on or between the rungs Make a den in the garden
Have a garden picnic Ride a bike or scooter Do some digging in the garden
Look at the stars at night Go on a bug hunt What can you see in the clouds?
Make a bug house Plant seeds or an apple pip Walk a mile a day
Load pokemon go on your phone and go pokemon catching Make mud pies Have car races with you cars
Hula hoops Skipping ropes and challenges Make a laundry tent with your washing line
Spider web hunt Alphabet walk – what can you find beginning with each letter of the alphabet Trampolines
Outdoor painting with buckets of water and big brushes Chalk pictures Art with nature – make a picture with what you find in your garden


Ideas for sensory activities
1. Anything with water – colour it, add bubbles, warm and cold, add glitter
2. Make playdough
3. Shaving foam pictures
4. Blanket monsters – cover yourself with a blanket and make a monster shape while underneath it
5. Feely bags or buckets
6. Ice cube play
7. Cooked and dry pasta to explore
8. Carry a rucksack on a walk
9. Sensory bucket – feel a container with a range of things with different textures such as a sponge, towel. Hairbrush, foil to crinkle etc
10. Hand massage
11. Brush each others hair
12. Any activity that includes rocking – rocking from foot to foot, picking up a child and rocking, on a swing etc
13. Wheelbarrow walking – child puts hands on floor, adult lifts legs and holds them as a wheelbarrow
14. Listen to the rain
15. Play some relaxing music
16. Go marching and have a good stomp about
17. Suck a milkshake through a straw
18. Crunch some cereal
19. Wrap in a duvet
20. Turn off the lights and close the curtains – make a dark space

Something to challenge you………
1. Can you build a bridge out of spaghetti?
2. Can you build a boat that floats?
3. Can you make a coat for your favourite teddy?
4. How long can you stand on one leg? Can you get better each day?
5. Can you put a different picture in your window each day?
6. How many things can you see that are different colours from your window?
7. How quickly can you get dressed? Have a timer on the phone going.
8. How quickly can you put your pjs on?
9. How many nursery rhymes do you know? Can you sing them all?
10. Can you make up and tell a story with your toys?
11. How many hops can you do in one minute?
12. How many things can you hold in your hands at one time without dropping them?
13. How many times can you throw and catch a ball on your own and to another person?
14. In 5 minutes how many things can you collect in your house that is a particular colour?
15. How long can I keep a chocolate button on my tongue without eating it?
16. In 5 minutes how many different things can I hear?
17. Try a new food you haven’t tried before.
18. Can you make up new words to an old song?
19. How many steps can you take by pretending to be a crab?
20. How many of the things in this pack have you tried?