Philosophy & Admissions


Our philosophy is to provide high quality early learning in a caring, stimulating, safe and inclusive environment to enable children to become curious, enthusiastic and confident independent learners.

Through small step programs we aim to support the individual learning and development of each child.

We work in partnership with parents/carers, multi-agency colleagues and other settings to meet the individual needs of each child.

We believe that the early support and intervention children receive here will enable them to access the most appropriate and suitable school for their needs. Children who attend Honey Bees do not automatically transfer to the main school.

Admissions Policy

Honey Bees is located at Meadowfield School. All children placed here are on Specialist Intervention placement for two terms in the first instance following a referral to the Specialist Teaching Service from an external agency.

All children are aged between 3 years and statutory school age, who have severe and complex levels of additional educational needs.

Children may be offered up to 3 sessions a week, which enables them to access other provisions. There is a ratio of 4 adults to up to 6 children per session.

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