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Term 6 - posted 3rd Jun

Term 6

Welcome to the final term of the year! This term we will be learning all about the Seaside. We will be learning about how to recreate patterns to imitate waves, using a range of medias to create beach pictures, learning about colour and what happens when we mix these, sea creatures and pirates! As well as this, we will be looking at pebbles and shells we can find at the beach.

Things to try at home:

* finding lots of different items that are yellow or blue
* take a trip to the seaside and listen to the waves
* make a 'wave' picture with crayons and watered down paint
* decorate a pebble or paint pebbles different colours to make arrangements and patterns with them
* make a pirate hat and pretend to sail the seas!
* finding clothes or items that you would need to take to the beach to stay safe and cool
* look at books about the seaside or sea creatures

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Term 5 - posted 29th Apr

Welcome to term 5! This term we are learning all about animals and minibeasts! We will be learning about what they look like, the noises they make and where they live. We will be using lots of non-fiction books as well as learning through songs and looking in the garden for minibeasts!

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Term 4 - posted 5th Mar

Welcome to term 4! This term we are continuing our topic of traditional tales including the Rainbow Fish, Little Red Riding Hood, The Very Hungry Caterpillar and The Ginger Bread man. We will be learning about colours, a range of animals and making a range of different marks in media. Our children have enjoyed having group story lessons and this will be continuing in term 4 too!

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Parent Meetings - posted 5th Mar

Dear parents/ carers,

Last term you received a letter asking if you would like a parent's meeting to discuss your child's progress in their targets on either Monday 4th March or Monday 11th March. Please ensure you contact Rachel by the end of this week to secure a meeting. Please also note we can only keep to the 20 minute slot booked in order for all parents to be seen on time.

Thank you for your continued support!

Rachel Newberry

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Term 3 & 4 - posted 8th Jan

Term 3 and 4:

We hope you all had a lovely holiday!

Welcome to term 3! This term we are learning all about Fairy tales and traditional tales. We will be looking at stories such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears; The Three Little Pigs; Little Red Riding Hood; and more. We will be engaging the children in a range of ways with the stories such as watching short animated stories; using flap books; using sensory media and story props; and electronic picture books.

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Term 2 - Celebrations - posted 6th Nov

This term we are learning all about different celebrations including halloween; bonfire night and Christmas. We will also be learning about birthdays. Children will be learning all about sounds, colours and learning vocabulary specific to different celebrations!

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Tapestry - posted 6th Nov

Dear parents/carers,

As you are aware we are now recording observations of your children through Tapestry- an online observation system. We will post updates on how your children are learning and developing as well as photographs. We would love to see what your children are getting up to at home with their families and the things they enjoy doing, so please feel free to upload your own photographs of what they like to do!

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EHCP Statutory Assessment - posted 3rd Oct

Dear parents/carers,

Recently we had a meeting to discuss the EHCP process. For those that were unable to make the meeting, I have sent home an information sheet detailing about the procedure. Included is a permission form. I must have this returned ASAP in order to initiate the process for you as unfortunately, I am unable to send over confidential information regarding your child if I do not have signed permission to do so. I, therefore, ask that you return these to me by the end of term 1 so that I can begin the processes in term 2.

If you have any questions about the procedure, I am more than happy to meet with you to go through your concerns.

Many thanks for your continuing support!

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Tapestry - posted 3rd Oct

Dear parents/carers,

You should have now received an email invitation to set up a password to access all the observations we are making of your child. We would love you to add comments and upload your own photos too!

Please let me know if you have not received your email invitation.

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Term 1 Welcome - posted 10th Sep

Welcome to Honey bees!

This term we will be learning 'All about ourselves and others'. Children will be introduced to naming body parts; identifying themselves and others; looking at emotions; and many other activities. As part of this, we would also like to include your child's family and pets, and any photographs of these would be greatly appreciated to help support your child's learning.

We look forward to meeting you!

The Honey bees team

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