What We Are Doing This Term

Whilst your children get settled in to the new classroom, routines and staff, we are looking in to 'All about me' this term. We will be exploring where our body parts are and naming or finding these when asked. We will be repeating and copying actions to move our bodies in certain ways including clapping and stamping and manipulating playdough with our hands or fingers to make particular marks. We will also be exploring our senses such as touching different materials, listening to music and different instruments and looking at different colours and discriminating between these. We will also be looking at photographs of ourselves and others so any family photos are very welcome. As always, we will be approaching our learning experiences with 'hands-on' activities through sensory play, songs and motivating resources.

Some activities to try at home:

  • looking at family photos together and naming the people in them
  • looking in mirrors to find our facial features and naming these
  • play games such as singing 'head, shoulders, knees, toes', 'wind the bobbin up' and 'Simon says' which can incorporate movement of the body
  • practice drawing circles and lines to make faces or stick people
  • finding favourite books, songs or toys when making choices
  • read books all about your body, the Doctor, the Dentist or family themed books
  • count your body parts such as how many eyes, ears, fingers, toes, arms and legs you have
  • explore natural resources such as sticks, pebbles, leaves, grass, sand and mud and try to describe these
  • practice pulling your clothing up/down or practice dressing yourself during changing times

The Honey Bees team