What We Are Doing This Term

Welcome to term 6!

This term we are learning all about the Seaside! We will be looking at the colours blue and yellow to represent the seaside through a range of different media, recreating wave motions with our bodies and making wave pictures. We will also be looking at sea creatures and representing these through small world play, water play, creating 'rock pools' and looking at photographs of these. We will also explore the imaginary world of pirates and mermaids!

Some ideas to try at home this term:

  • Take a trip to the seaside!
  • Have a look at how sand changes when dry or wet, how does it feel? Can you make distinct marks in the sand?
  • Read some seaside themed fiction and non-fiction stories. Some good ones to try would be 'Pirates love underpants', 'the lighthouse keeper's lunch' and 'what the ladybird heard at the seaside'.
  • Look at clothes you would wear to the beach and how to keep yourself safe in the sun.
  • Counting seaside themed objects such as shells and pebbles. Can you give your adult 1 or 2 shells? Can you count out a random selection of shells?
  • Collect a random collection of shells and compare them. Do you have more of a certain shell? Which do you like best?
  • Have a look at seaside and beach themed pictures, can you name them? Can you find the asked for object?
  • Try some sea themed messy play ideas such as using hair gel, jelly, sand, watered paint and crayons and blue conditioner
  • Take a walk outside and see if you can find any shapes within the environment. If you have any shapes or print some shapes out, can you make a seaside themed picture using the shapes?

The Honey Bees team