Welcome to Squirrels Class

Meet the Team:

Ms. Taylor, Class Teacher

Ms. Coleman, Teaching Assistant

Ms. Price, Teaching Assistant

Ms. Lewis, Teaching Assistant

Squirrels Class is for pupils with multi-sensory impairment.  There are 7 pupils in total, ranging from Reception to Year 3.  Squirrels Class follows the IMPACTS Curriculum which means that we can make sure that all children's needs are met, not just their learning needs. Our approaches are carefully considered and designed to meet the very specific needs of the children in this class.  We offer a total communication approach to learning in class which means that signing, symbols, PECs, body signing, visual/auditory prompts and gesture will be part of our every day.

In Squirrels Class we use Focus Pods.  These are designed to offer a quiet, calm place where pupils with a range of sensory impairments can work in a distraction free area.  Pupils in this class take extra time to filter and interpret the information they receive through their senses. The Focus Pod therefore, enables these pupils to work on a focused task in an environment that supports the senses rather than be in direct competition with them.  This is achieved through the use of screens, modified lighting and the positioning of the pods [natural light coming from behind].

As a team, we work very closely with other agencies such as the Specialist Teaching Service for Visual and Hearing Impairment, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapists as well as medical professionals.  All targets and interventions are fully integrated into our daily routines whilst in school. 

We have topics which we follow for a seasonal term. Our topic for this term is ‘The Natural World’ where Squirrels Class will spend time exploring fruits, vegetables and plants through the use of real materials, use of our sensory garden, creative activities and storytelling. We will explore this theme using stories such as ‘Let’s Visit the Garden’ and ‘The Enormous Turnip’.  In Term 6 we will explore a range of environments and their features such as water worlds and the seaside. We will continue to develop our fine and gross motor skills to explore new environments and materials in more complex ways using a range of school environments including the soft play room, the sensory light room as well as the sensory garden. 

As a general reminder:

  • P.E. sessions will be held on Thursday afternoons.
  • Hydrotherapy sessions will be held on Monday and Thursday mornings on a rota basis. You will be notified on a weekly basis when your child is due to use the hydrotherapy pool

Please ensure your child has their swimming kit and PE kit in school at the start of each week and that all items are clearly labelled.

Home Learning

Open Afternoons for Squirrels Class will be held on:- 

Monday 10th June 2019