Drake Class


Drake staffing:

Drake class is a close team led by Mrs S White, class teacher, supported by 8 teaching assistants: Jean, Kay, Erin, Marie, Heather, Carris, Benita and Ashleigh

All staff are very experienced in the care and support needed for pupils with complex needs.

In Drake class we follow the IMPACTS curriculum.

We make sure we fully incorporate pupils’ physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, speech and language and other programmes into the work we do in class.

Our work for term 3 and 4 is planned around the theme of ‘Travel & Transport’. We will be working on stories based around this theme such as ‘Noah’s Ark’ and ‘Starlight Express’. We will continue to work on pupils’ targets through our theme. Pupils will participate and take turns in the stories. Activities linked to the stories will help pupils to achieve other target areas such as matching, signing and the use of communication aids such as eye gaze, switches and I pad communication tools (Grid Player, Sounding Board and Eye Gaze).

The focus in IMPACTS is to involve pupils’ whole body senses to enhance their learning and understanding. Pupils will participate in Tac Pac sessions, sensory massage and well-being times throughout the week.

In Creative Arts we will be exploring different types of materials relating to the target stories. We will produce a sensory and interactive wall display relating to the stories. We will be learning songs and playing instruments. Pupils will be encouraged to use actions, movement and signing to enhance the pupils understanding.

Daily we will be working on reinforcing positive behaviour, life skills and supporting pupils with their personal care needs and to encourage independence skills. Pupils will participate in group activities to encourage working together and turn taking, for example, when using co-op bands and playing parachute games and singing/dancing together.

We recognise and value the importance of any activities which happen at home and their impact on learning in school. Click the link below for some activities and web sites that could be used at home.

Home Learning