Welcome to Nelson class, which includes 11 students form years 10 and 11. 

The form tutor is Mr Xavier. The Teaching Assistants are Mrs Scoble and Miss Loughran-Taylor. 

Mr Xavier also teaches Nelson for PSHCE and tutorial once a week. 
Along with the core subjects of English, Maths and Science, Nelson students study a variety of subjects such as Art, PE, Computing, Performing arts and all take part in PE enrichment on Friday afternoons. 

PE enrichment allows students choose from a selection of offsite activities that do not always appear in traditional PE lessons, such as Football and Swimming; as well as onsite activities such as Boxercise and Cycling.

PSHCE home learning for Terms one & two:

In term one we are learning about what each letter of ‘PSHCE’ stands for. Each week, we are working our way through each letter and working on a topic based around that letter. An example of this is during week one, we looked at P (Personal) and the focus was on the importance of keeping personal details safe, both in hard copies and online. Each week we are work through the letters and when we get back to the same letter, we will have a new topic based around that letter.

In term 2, Nelson will be focussing on the theme of the 'online community', looking specifically at online safety.

Suggested activities

Discuss what the letters for PSHCE stand for and what the most recent letter and topic has been.

Ask your child what lunchtime clubs are on offer at Meadowfield, which ones they could attend and how that could help widen their social circle.

Get your child to keep a ‘food diary’ for one day on a weekend (you might choose to do one with them as well), writing down all food and drink consumed by both of you. Then talk about how healthy they think their diet is and whether any improvements could be made?

Ask if have they become friends with someone different this year?

Discuss with your child any UK laws they have learned about at school this year.

Ask your child how they can stay safe online?

Computing Home Learning

Maths Home Learning

English Home Learning