Welcome to Pascal, the Secondary year 7 class.

We comprise of ten pupils and four adults.  Each Secondary class is named after an inspirational figure from the main subject areas we teach.  Our class base is named after Blaise Pascal, a prominent Mathematician in the 17th Century.

All ten pupils have joined Secondary for the first time, either transferring from our Primary department or being completely new to our school. 

The transition from Primary to Secondary is important to get right!  The team have worked hard to create a pleasant room and a structured day.  Each pupil has been given a daily job and we have all collectively created a timetable of activities for our tutor periods together.

Visual support is very important, so everything is labelled and we have created wall displays to assist with knowing the shape of the day, mapping out our academic progress and communicating how we are feeling to each other. 

The adults in the room are all committed to create a home from home for all our pupils.

Home Learning - English

Home Learning - Media Studies

Home Learning- Computing


Home learning - Science