Secondary Class Structure

Nurture Classes

For students requiring a higher level of support and a classroom-based structure to their learning, we have three nurture classes.

Students in these classes learn in a classroom environment designed to meet their individual needs. They:

  • have a permanent class teacher to deliver a rich and varied curriculum
  • have a high ratio of staff-to-student support
  • are taught subject-specific lessons by specialist teachers who visit them in their own environment
  • have permanent access to a range of sensory resources and activities
  • have permanent access to an outdoor learning space
  • have high levels of visual support
  • have access to bespoke activities that are designed to help them develop skills in self-regulation, communication, interaction, and independence

Our three nurture classes are:

  • Bronte
  • Picasso
  • Cook


For our learners with profound, multiple and complex needs, we have our IMPACTS class. IMPACTS stands for Individual, Meaningful, Profile, Assessment, Curriculum, Target Setting.  Learning in this class is focused on Communication, Cognition, Technology, Physical skills and Personal, social, emotional well-being.

Our Secondary IMPACTS class is:

  • Drake

Our other form groups are:

  • Hopper
  • Dickens
  • Dali
  • Nelson
  • Belle
  • Einstein
  • Pascal

Students in these last 7 form groups only spend the morning together, before moving into Learning Communities to access the curriculum.