Welcome to the Secondary Department

Meadowfield School - Secondary Department Vision


The vision for the secondary department is to begin preparing the pupils for life in modern Britain and the transition into adulthood. We have high expectations for all pupils and set challenging but realistic targets in all subject areas but there is also an emphasis on communication, independence and contributing to the school community.

Layout and Curriculum

There are nine classes in the Secondary Department. Some classes are set up for year groups and some are set up to meet the needs of pupils with ASD and PMLD. Generally pupils in Year group based classes will have a number of specialist subject teachers delivering their lessons. In Key Stage 3 (year groups 7, 8 and 9) the teachers come to the pupils except for subjects requiring specialist rooms such as Science, Music, Art and DT. In Key Stage 4 (year groups 10 & 11) the pupils move around to subject specialist rooms for all lessons. Pupils in the needs led classes have most lessons delivered by one form tutor with the exception of Music and PE.

All pupils have two PE lessons a week, one which meets all the requirements of the National Curriculum and one PE enrichment session. PE enrichment was introduced to enable pupils to participate in sporting activities beyond the curriculum. Pupils are able to make a choice every two terms from a range of sports. These currently include swimming, panathlon, hydrotherapy, cycling, boccia, team games and yoga, pupil feedback is very positive about PE Enrichment.

Currently, pupils in year 9 (or entitled to pupil premium) access Challenger Troop once a week – this is a structured programme focussing on leadership, team building and engagement. Its primary purpose is to build character and resilience in young people and provide lasting, positive aspirations for the future. Each group who have completed the Challenger programme have had a positive impact on behaviours and attendance and increased effort within classes.

Pupil Progress

Pupil progress towards targets is tracked three times per year, should a pupil begin to slip off track to their target an intervention is implemented to accelerate learning. There are a range of interventions in place in the department to support core subject learning which include a range of phonic interventions, Rapid Writing, Dynamo maths, Accelerated reader and Mathletics. All pupils in the current Years 8 & 9 have individual iPads, the new Year 7 cohort will also have iPads funded through the Year 7 Catch Up funding. There are a number of Kindles across all classes to support reading.


The move into the secondary phase of education can be a little daunting at any school so we work hard to ensure there is a smooth transition from Primary into Secondary and then from Secondary into Sixth form.

To aid new pupils coming to the department, we have a Peer Mentoring system, to ensure all pupils have someone to talk to during transitions and build friendships. To ensure that the system is robust, we developed it alongside the charity SATEDA, who have experience of delivering Buddy systems in other schools, so that it is age appropriate, engaging and seen as a positive and desirable role for pupils. Peer mentors are easily identified throughout the day by having hi-visibility orange vest when on duty and displaying a photo card on an orange lanyard.


Lunchtimes are designed to give pupils ample time to develop friendships and find shared interest. The clubs came from pupil suggestions and alternate throughout the week: Wii, Panathlon, Drawing, Lego therapy, Quiet Club, Cooking, Sensory, Board games, Gardening (Meadowmakers) and outdoor gross motor equipment such as large balls, skipping ropes and large board games.

The impact of clubs has been seen in classrooms, with pupils more focussed in the afternoons and able to access learning. Both peer mentoring and lunchtime clubs came from pupil suggestions during a Secondary Department Council meeting.


Accreditation currently offered through the Secondary Department includes:

Entry Level 1, 2 and 3 through the Welsh Joint Board Committee (WJEC) in:

Maths                            Creative Media and Performance Arts

Additional English        Healthy Living and Fitness

Personal Progress         ICT users

OCR Entry Level Certificate – English

OCR Entry Level Certificate – Maths

AQA Entry Level Certificate - Science

AQA Unit Award - Science

BTEC Level 1 Certificate in Teamwork, Personal Skills and Citizenship (through Challenger Troop)



If you have any concerns at any time please contact your child’s Form Tutor or myself.

Mr Graham Richards

Head of Secondary