Car Parking Complaints

Dear Parents/Carers & Transport Providers

Further to my letter of 19th January, I am discouraged and deeply concerned that it is again necessary for me to write to you about complaints received from residents regarding inconsiderate parking and abusive behaviour.

As you know, the gates do not open until 2.45pm Monday – Thursday and 1.15pm on a Friday and therefore there is no reason to arrive as early at 1.15pm and block driveways and park in resident’s disabled or restricted parking areas. Again, I have received reports of abusive behaviour from some of our parents/carers when they have been asked to move by residents so that they can access their driveways and this reflects very poorly on the school and the families that are part of the school community.

I have been advised that the residents will be consulting with the Highways Agency and the local authority to seek double yellow lines on both sides of the road, which would prevent all parking and waiting, if the inconsiderate parking and abuse continues. Please can I therefore ask that you do not arrive so early and park with consideration of residents and their environment and when you are asked to move to allow access to driveways you are not abusive.

I hope we can all work together to avoid the need for restrictions such as double yellow lines and I thank you for your co-operation.

Warmest wishes.

Yours faithfully

Jill Palmer
Executive Principal


PDF Version of Letter