Specialisms and specialist facilities

Meadowfield School is the Swale District Special School for pupils with Profound, Severe and Complex Needs (PSCN). The school was designed and built to be fully accessible to all pupils.

Each key Stage has a suite of rooms; in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 these include classroom bases, mini ICT suites and individual work spaces. There are a specific phonics learning areas in both the Explore department and Enquire departments.

In the Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 suites there is a mix of subject teaching rooms and class based rooms. These also have individual work spaces. 

The school has a range of specialist teaching rooms, these include

  • An Art and Design Technology room
  • A science room
  • A Food technology room
  • An ICT suite
  • A Music room and music practice room
  • A hydrotherapy pool with a suite of changing facilities

The curriculum is also enhanced through:

  • The library
  • The soft play room
  • The sensory room
  • The hall and lighting for performing arts

Learning outside the classroom is enhanced through:

  • Outdoor learning areas for Key Stage 1 classes
  • Large playground areas
  • The sensory garden
  • The soft pore games area and playing field
  • A number of mini buses to facilitate offsite visits to enrich learning

There are a range of other specialist rooms used by external agencies which included:

  • A medical room
  • A Therapy room
  • Conference room
  • Midas training centre

Pre-School and 6th Form provision

Pre-School and 6th Form provision

Honey Bees an Assessment and Observation pre-school is integrated within Meadowfield School . Honey bees have their own outdoor learning area, ICT facilities, food preparation area and personal care suite. The 6th Form, based at our Ufton Lane site, has a range of class bases along with a food technology room, student common room, Year 14 study room and personal care suites. Further information can be found in the Honey Bees and 6th Form pages.

Meadowfield complies with the requirements of the Special Educational Needs Disability Discrimination Act and Equality Duty Legislation.