Parent & Carer Well-being

The Emotional Well-being Team at Meadowfield school would like to provide the following self-care resources to the parents and carers of children and young people, ahead of the summer holidays.

For many parents and carers, finding time for yourself can be a challenge as you juggle family and relationships, with your home and work life. This can be especially true if you are supporting a child or young person with their mental health. With the practicalities of day-to-day life, it can be easy to forget to look after your own wellbeing needs, as well as those of your children, which can lead to feelings of stress or being overwhelmed.

Factoring in regular time or activities for yourself will hopefully allow you to enjoy the good moments in life more and to find strength during difficult times. To find out more about ways you might introduce more of this into your day-to-day life, please follow this link:

Self-Care for Parents and Carers | Why consider self care? | Anna Freud Centre

For some ideas about strategies to support your child, you can follow this link:

Self Care, Anxiety, Depression, Coping Strategies | On My Mind | Anna Freud Centre

The emotional well-being team is available to answer any questions or concerns parents and carers may have, so please do feel free to be in touch with us via our team email address:

The email address for the EWT is monitored across the holidays, so parents and carers can be in touch with us when the school is closed.

For further information about the team and the services they offer, please click on the link below:

Kent and Medway Mental Health Support Teams | NELFT NHS Foundation Trust

Take care for now,

Helen and Joanne
Emotional Well-being Team, Meadowfield school