Current Fundraising Project

FOMS Targets for 2023 -24

Context and rationale:

The Friends of Meadowfield (FOMS) team have been working hard to raise funds and build positive relationships with local businesses and outside agencies for the benefit of the wider school community.

Through consultation with the pupils, parents, and the school community it has now been decided to develop and improve the sensory garden. We are focusing our funds for the year 2023 – 2024 towards the sensory garden at Meadowfield to completely give the space a much needed ‘face lift’. The space has become dangerous as in no longer fit for purpose. Therefore the goal is to create a space that pupils and staff are proud of and where pupils can be encouraged to learn and be inspired to be creative, engage with the outdoors and help pupils overall mental health and wellbeing.

Aims of the project:

Through encouraging pupils outside into nature the aims of the project are:

  • Hard landscape the area and make the space safe. Improve the suitability for learning.
  • Provide a space that pupils can engage with their different senses for all pathways.
  • Develop three zones that allow pupils to be in nature, learn outside and explore music and water.
  • Improve and create a culture of growing in school. Identify a passionate, enthusiastic and knowledgeable individual that can support phase 4

(Planting and update with evergreen plants, hardy varieties perennials and tall grasses around the learning zone. Possible screen at the back. Soft landscaping and planting by pupils)

Target Group

The project will target all pupils in the school community and provide an accessible space for all pathways within the school. Allowing for the school community to have access to three individual spaces all year.

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