The Principal and Governors of the School welcome groups or individuals to use our school facilities from 6pm on weekdays.

Individuals/organisations wishing to hire our Sports facilities or Ufton Lane site should approach our designated team by e-mailing lettings@meadowfield.kent.sch.uk

Lettings will be considered and agreed in line with our Lettings Policy and Conditions of Use.

Any booking will be recorded as ‘provisional’ until the signed Hire Agreement Form and accompanying documents are returned to the school. On receipt of the completed Agreement Form a letter of confirmation will be sent to the hirer.

All lettings fees received by the school will be paid into the school’s bank account and will go towards the cost of services, staff and maintenance of premises and equipment. The current pricing structure is subject to annual review.

Please note, for any lettings enquiries in relation to conference or meeting rooms, please contact our MIDAS Centre: midas@meadowfield.kent.sch.uk.


Single lettings: payment to be sent to the school together with Hire Agreement Letter, Signed Hire Agreement Form and Conditions of Use document, at least one month before the event is due to take place.

Recurrent lettings: first month to be paid in advance, subsequent payments to be invoiced monthly in arrears and to be paid within 30 days of invoice date.

For VAT charges in relation to the Sports Hall, please refer to the following guidance in line with the published School VAT Manual - Appendix 8 Letting of Sports Facilities:

If the space is designed and adapted (including by equipping) for playing any sport or taking part in any physical recreation and the space is let for playing any sport or taking part in any physical recreation the letting of the space is standard rated unless the exemptions set out below are met.

Exemptions apply if the sports facilities are let out for:

  • a continuous period of use exceeding 24 hours or
  • a series of sessions and all of the following conditions are met, then the letting can be treated as exempt from VAT.

If the following conditions are not met the sports letting remains standard rated:

  • The series consists of 10 or more sessions.
  • Each session is for the same sport or activity and is in the same place
  • The interval between each session is at least one day but not more than 14 days. A letting for every other Saturday afternoon, for example, would meet this condition.
  • The series must be treated as a whole and will be evidenced in the Hire agreement form.
  • The facilities are let out to a school, club, association, or an organisation representing affiliated clubs or constituent associations (such as a local league)
  • The person to whom the facilities are let has exclusive use of them during the sessions. Where changing rooms, floodlights, or other minor goods and services are included these are regarded as incidental to the main letting and take the same VAT liability. The exemption does not apply where the hirer is a commercial organisation (but the sports club of a commercial organisation can be exempt if all the conditions are met).

Examples of hirers who are eligible for the exemption include:

  • Cubs
  • Scouts
  • Brownies Guides
  • Youth Clubs
  • Sports Clubs

Any additions to the original agreement will be taxable if charged for. This means that any charge for an additional session or extra hours on the pre-arranged sessions must be subject to VAT. However additional one off dates notified after the date of the initial agreement and bookings may be treated as part of the series and therefore exempt where the additional date is added in advance, and the cost of the series amended accordingly.