Key School Contacts

Meadowfield School Contacts 2021/22

School Office number:     01795 477788

Name of person who deals with enquiries:   Ginny Cosstick, Office Manager
Name of the Principal:  Jill Palmer
Names of Deputy Principals:  Dan Zaccheo, Angela Howe
Name of the SEN Co-ordinator: Jill Palmer
Names of Designated Safeguarding Officers: Dan Zaccheo (Safeguarding Lead), Angela Howe, Caroline Jaques, Peter Masaryk, Liz Hymus, Liz Brobyn-Ross, Mark Taylor, Gemma Munoz

Assistant Principals

  • Sixth Form & Subject-led: Liz Hymus
  • Sixth Form & Subject-led: Liz Brobyn-Ross
  • Early Years, IMPACTS and Extended Impacts: Peter Masaryk
  • Early Years, IMPACTS and Extended Impacts: Caroline Jaques

Mrs R Kane – Chair of Governors & Sixth Form

Mrs Y Cherry – Safeguarding
Mr R Hawes – Safeguarding
Mrs L Candy – SEN & Children in Care
Miss D Simms – Attendance
Mrs C Tucker – Early Years
Mrs A Sequeria – PSHE & Wellbeing
Mr G Taylor – Training & Development
Mr J Candy – Health & Safety
Mr J Hymus - Finance
Mrs K Wilson - Clerk

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