Home to School Transport

KCC Transport provides many of our pupils with Home to School Transport. Your child may get free travel if they attend their nearest appropriate school.

Appropriate in this instance means:
• age appropriate - attendance at a primary and secondary school
• ability appropriate - attendance at a mainstream or special school.

They also need to be:
• over 8 years old and live more than 3 miles from the school using the shortest available walking route.
• under 8 years old and live more than 2 miles from the school using the shortest available walking route.

A walking route can include public footpaths, bridleways, other footpaths as well as recognised roads where they are available.

If the local council decides a route is hazardous, free transport assistance will be granted, even if it is under the statutory distance, provided the child is attending their nearest appropriate school.

Special educational needs (SEN)

If your child meets the criteria above you may also be able to apply for a personal transport budget.
If your child doesn't meet the criteria above, you may still be able to get help if their needs make their journey to school difficult. The transport team will take into account whether your child can safely travel to school with a parent or carer, either on foot or in a vehicle.

As a starting point, normally you won’t be entitled to free school transport if the school your child goes to is not the closest one that meets their needs. There are, however, some exceptions to this principle and you should read the SEN Transport Guidance to see if these are applicable to you.

If you have low income

Find out about the criteria for applying for free school transport if you have low income.

For full information on Home to School Transport see the KCC guidance, Read our Home to School Transport Guidance

If your child has been granted free Home to School transport, please make sure you are aware of the contact numbers for the company responsible for the transport of your child. The school will not be able to pass on any queries or messages to transport.

Please note that the contract for transport is between KCC Transport and the parent/carer, the school has no control or influence over the allocation or running of Home to School Transport. We can, in exceptional circumstances, support your appeal for transport if you are unsuccessful in your original application.

The KCC Admissions and Transport Team can be contacted on or telephone. 03000 416 777.

When your transport is arranged, you should receive a letter with all the necessary details on it for your child’s transport arrangements.