Faculties of Learning

Our curriculum promotes the five school values: proud, happy, safe, enthusiastic and welcoming.

All learning links to the five key pillars of adulthood: to be responsible, healthy, sociable, purposeful and independent.

Our five faculties of learning in Subject-led deliver the curriculum through project-based learning. Projects are linked by a universal theme, which runs across the whole curriculum and lasts two terms. Projects are collaborative to promote communication and interaction skills; the learning is also student-led to help students have a sense of ownership and to take pride in their work.

The subject-led curriculum has a clear pathway for our learners to make progress towards adulthood, where all students will leave with appropriate accreditation (through OCR, WJEC and/or The Princes Trust). Progression pathways are carefully mapped for all students, allowing them to continue to make progress in the Sixth Form curriculum.

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Faculities of Learning2


Theme Days

Our Humanities subjects are delivered through theme days throughout the year. The theme days launch projects for the humanities subjects, and the completed project work is then showcased during special assemblies.

Celebrating Achievement

At the end of every faculty project, parents and carers will be invited in to attend our Showcase events, where students present their project work in various forms.